[Event - LINE Fukuoka Kids Day] Family Members of Employees Invited to our Office!

    [Event - LINE Fukuoka Kids Day] Family Members of Employees Invited to our Office! サムネイル画像

    [Notice] Effective October 1, 2023, LINE Fukuoka has changed its company name to LY Communications. Articles published on or before September 30, 2023 were written with our former company name.

    At the end of August, we invited the family members of our employees to our offices for LINE Fukuoka Kids Day.

    "Learn about the atmosphere"

    The purpose of planning this event was to invite family members to our office and allow them to experience our working environment as well as get to know our colleagues. We wanted to give them a better understanding of where we work and a clear image of what working at LINE Fukuoka is like.


    LINE Fukuoka's first family-friendly event is named "Kids Day" with the hopes of providing an enjoyable experience particularly to children, and we welcomed our loved ones into our office.




    Below, you'll find an overview of the day's events.


    Kids Day kicked off at the front desk where employees who brought their family members led them through reception.


    We prepared six booths in our office's cafe space for all family members participating in the event to experience freely.

    Note: See this article  for information about our office.

    1. Playroom
    We decorated the relaxation space that's popular with our employees for Kids Day with balloons and blocks. It was a hit with the children as well, who never stopped laughing.

    2. Balloon fishing
    Seeing the children work so hard to fish an original LINE character balloon left a big impression on us.

     3. Cafe experience

    Visitors were able to experience our employee cafe,

    and limited-edition drinks were also offered just for Kids Day.


    4. Commemorative family photo

    A booth for families to take a photo with Mega Brown, our office mascot, was also available.

    Event staff used an instant camera to take photos that could be given to participants on the spot.


    Pictures taken on smartphones that remain as data are higher quality, but instant cameras that produce card-sized photos are rare, and children were very interested in them.

    5. LINE Game experience

    Thanks to the cooperation of departments involved in LINE Games, we were able to create an area for family members to play our most popular titles.

    Many of the children were so into the games that they lost track of time!
    The games also gave children who participated something in common to talk about.

    6. Programming experience
    In the LEGO® WeDo 2.0 introductory programming class, our engineers gave children a rare chance to learn directly from an expert, so slots for this popular event filled up very quickly.

    Children worked to understand what makes something move, and tried to make LEGO® blocks move according to their commands.

    They used programming to give commands based on how they wanted their creations to move.

    It was a little difficult to get the hang of, but the more children thought about it, they realized how many different things they could accomplish through programming, and their faces lit up when the devices moved like they wanted them to.

    LEGO is a trademark of the LEGO Group. ©2016 The LEGO Group.

    During the event, many employees also brought their loved ones to their workplaces and introduced them to their co-workers.

    Family members were able to see the actual desks their loved one work at, and we hope that through this event, they were able to truly experience what LINE Fukuoka's working environment is like.

    For the employees who welcomed our loved ones, this event also acted as an opportunity to see their colleagues as mothers and fathers, which is difficult to see in the process of our normal work.

    The cafe, which is normally used by employees for breaks or meetings, was filled with the laughter of children all day.

    We hope that the event helped everyone to create a new memory for their summer vacation.

    This event was held for our loved ones to experience LINE Fukuoka, but seeing the happiness of children enjoying the event brought event staff a lot of joy as well.

    Thank you to everyone who participated in the event!

     Kids Day event staff

    The LINE Group believes that the support of our employees and their family members is essential for the growth of our services.

    We also understand that our employees have continually sacrificed some of the time they spend with their families for the sake of the company.

    We sincerely hope that this event was enjoyable to the loved ones who support the members of our company.

    LINE Fukuoka will continue to hold in-house events in the future.

    We'll also post more about our internal initiatives on this blog, so we hope that you'll take a look! 


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