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    • LINE Family Day 2019 - Create and Learn with Engineers and Designers, and Experience AI and Fintech in Fukuoka!

    LINE Family Day 2019 - Create and Learn with Engineers and Designers, and Experience AI and Fintech in Fukuoka!

    LINE Family Day 2019 - Create and Learn with Engineers and Designers, and Experience AI and Fintech in Fukuoka! サムネイル画像
    [Notice] Effective October 1, 2023, LINE Fukuoka has changed its company name to LY Communications. Articles published on or before September 30, 2023 were written with our former company name.
    Our employees and their family members are an essential part of the continued growth of our company and its services.

    In addition to showing our gratitude to those family members, LINE Fukuoka Family Day 2019 was held to create an opportunity for them to get to know about their loved ones' workplace and coworkers, and enjoy the services that we create.


    It was the fourth time LINE Fukuoka has hosted this event, which began in 2016.

    In this post, we're bringing you a report about this year's Family Day event and the 300 family members who took the time to participate in it!




    The theme for this year's event was "Summer Festival." Our office was also decorated with lanterns, food stalls, and Japanese drums to give it a festival atmosphere.

    Our employees who served as event operations staff also dressed up for the occasion and greeted our guests in specially made summer festival coats!


    Opening ceremony

    The event began with a message from our Director and COO Mr. Yusuke Suzuki, who expressed his gratitude to the family members of our employees.


    Next, our special guests Brown and Cony took the stage, immediately creating a festive atmosphere in the venue!_5D_1473

    We also prepared matching ID badges for our employees' family members.


    Each department prepared content for the event so that families could have an experience as a "one-day" LINE Fukuoka employee.

    This year's event content had four themes:

    Today we'll tell you about some of the day's events.

    ① Experience LINE Technology

    Lectures directly from LINE engineers and designers that support our services!

    Reservations for this popular event fill up quickly every year.

    • Programming lecture
    Since programming was set to become a compulsory subject in elementary schools in 2020, programming classes were separated into an introductory level and a higher-level lecture for older children. Our engineers enthusiastically guided the children who were full of curiosity.


    ・Original kaleidoscope creation

    Members of the creative department planned this activity with the hopes of teaching children about the joy of making something.

    Children combined materials in a variety of shapes and colors to create a one-of-a-kind kaleidoscope.

    All of the finished kaleidoscopes were very unique! Could this event have inspired a future creator?





    ② Experience LINE Services

    LINE Fukuoka employees are involved in a variety of LINE services, and on Family Day employee, family members experienced a part of what we do.

    ・New LINE Clova experience

    Clova is LINE's AI Assistant. This year, event participants tried out the latest model of Clova Desk, which is equipped with a screen.

    Everyone enjoyed communicating with Clova Desk and asking questions like "What's the weather for tomorrow?" or giving commands like "Search for a video!"


    ・Face Play experience

    The kids had a showdown using their own faces with "Face Play!" Parents and staff were also drawn into the games by the abundance of expressions their children made.


    ・Fintech seminar
    There were also presentations for parents and older children that included a seminar for services that are useful in budget management, such as LINE Pay and LINE Kakeibo.


    ③ Experience LINE Fukuoka's Office

    What kind of environment do our employees work in each day? We were prepared to let our loved ones experience it for themselves!

    ・Office tour
    We made a special exception and gave a tour of our working areas. Children were very interested in seeing where their mothers and fathers worked!


    ・Massage experience
    Hugely popular with employees, we also opened the massage area to family members. We hope that it helped relieve some of the fatigue of their daily lives.


    ・Cafe staff experience
    Children took on the role of LINE Fukuoka cafe staff and tried making and serving drinks! Their parents watched over them hoping they wouldn't spill anything. _5D_3259

    There were a lot of other activities at the event as well, such as games to solve puzzles working together with Clova, balloon "fishing," ring toss, and picture matching games!


    ④ Commemorative Photo Shoot

    There was a professional photo shoot together with Brown and Cony so that everyone had something to remember the day they spent with their family by.


    LINE Fukuoka staff sent their family members off with a high-five, and we look forward to seeing them again!


    Thanks to the smiling faces of our loved ones, the event was a day that gave all of our employees a lot of energy and motivation!
    LINE Fukuoka and LINE services exist today thanks to the support of all those around us, especially our family members.

    In order to meet the expectations of all those who support us, LINE Fukuoka will continue to strive to realize its mission of "Closing the Distance" from Fukuoka.


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