[Event Report] Family Members Take Center Stage at LINE Fukuoka Kids Day 2017

    [Event Report] Family Members Take Center Stage at LINE Fukuoka Kids Day 2017 サムネイル画像
    [Notice] Effective October 1, 2023, LINE Fukuoka has changed its company name to LY Communications. Articles published on or before September 30, 2023 were written with our former company name.
    On August 25, we invited the family members of LINE Fukuoka employees to join us at our offices for Kids Day 2017.

    The LINE Group believes that the support of our employees and their family members is essential for the growth of our company and its services. Kids Day is held each year to express our gratitude, as well as to provide an opportunity for our family members to learn about LINE Fukuoka's atmosphere and culture in which their parents work every day, and for them to learn about and experience the services created here in a fun way.

    There were three themes to this year's event:
    Today, we're bringing you a report on what happened at our annual Kids Day event! LINE Fukuoka Kids Day 2017_19

    ① Experience your family member's work space

    As the event began, LINE Fukuoka Corporation Director Mr. Suzuki delivered a message of gratitude to our loved ones who support us and what we do.
    Brown and Cony also came to meet everyone! Even those who were a little nervous instantly started smiling.
    LINE Fukuoka Kids Day 2017_2
    ■Stamp-collecting contest
    Children put on the same employee ID badges that we use and started looking for stamps, and then went to the areas that our employees actually use for work to find the LINE FRIENDS waiting there for them and collected stamps. 6ae435f0
    LINE Fukuoka Kids Day 2017_10
    In one of the stations, our Telepresence room which is equipped with huge monitors, they were able to experience an actual teleconference with our office in Korea. In the meeting, a special guest made an appearance! James came to greet our one-day employees.
    LINE Fukuoka Kids Day 2017_11
    The play room was set up in the relaxation space in our cafe, which is popular with our employees. Today, we rearranged the space with a special design for our special guests to enjoy.
    LINE Fukuoka Kids Day 2017_12 LINE Fukuoka Kids Day 2017_18

    During our lunch break, children joined their mothers and fathers, as well as other employees to eat lunch together. Brown and Cony also joined in, lured by the fun atmosphere.
    LINE Fukuoka Kids Day 2017_13

    ②Experience work at LINE Fukuoka

    Our developers and creative department members also prepared sessions for our family members to experience the work that we are involved in. Employees who are actually involved in this work each day provided support for the sessions, and we hope that these experiences and the advice they received from professionals will become a part of their future goals.

    ■ Development experience: Programming with LEGO and iPads / Hacking Minecraft with Mod programming!
    Those who joined in this session used the "LEGO® WeDo 2.0" materials and experienced programming with iPads to make LEGO® blocks move, and automated various crafting and harvesting processes in Minecraft through programming as well. The session was aimed at slightly older children (Eight years or older), but it was a very popular session and advance reservations filled up almost immediately.
    Note:  LEGO is a trademark of the LEGO Group. ©2017 The LEGO Group.

    ■Creative experience: Crayon making
    Kids mixed a variety of colors of melted crayons, to make their own unique crayons. Once they hardened and children started drawing with them, sometimes the colors they expected appeared, and sometimes a beautiful color they hadn't imagined of appeared on the page. This session was popular from beginning to end.
    LINE Fukuoka Kids Day 2017_5
    LINE Fukuoka Kids Day 2017_6
    In addition to our development and creative experiences, we also prepared programs for our guests to play the LINE services that LINE Fukuoka is involved in. The staff for these events were employees who actually work on the services, and were thrilled to get a direct response from users which is not typically available in the course of work.

    ■ LINE service experience - LINE GAME
    LINE RUSH was available for our guests to play. This part of the event was open to any children able to use a tablet (about two years or older), so a wide variety of players came to try it out.
    LINE Fukuoka Kids Day 2017_7

    ■LINE service experience - LINE Creators Studio
    Employees working on the LINE Creators Studio service gave advice, so that participants could create original Stickers of their family or children, and apply to have them issued using their smart phones. We hope that these LINE Stickers will serve as a fond memory of the day.
    LINE Fukuoka Kids Day 2017_8

    ■ LINE service experience - LINE Camera
    Those who came to this booth had a photo session using cute SNOW and B612 stickers! We framed the pictures using LINE Camera and gave them out as presents, there were a lot of beautifully decorated stickers, but it's hard to beat a child's smile for the cutest!
    LINE Fukuoka Kids Day 2017_9
    Family photo shoot with LINE Characters
    To commemorate Kids Day for all those who joined, there was a professional photo shoot together with Brown and Cony.
    LINE Fukuoka Kids Day 2017_14

    Lastly, we sent our loved ones off with souvenirs at the end of Kids Day 2017.
    LINE Fukuoka Kids Day 2017_15

    Throughout the day, our offices were filled with the laughter of children, which warmed the hearts of our employees and imparted them with strength.

    With the strength that we receive from this event, LINE Fukuoka will quicken its efforts to bring people, information, and services closer together through LINE services in the future.


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