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    • LINE Family Day 2018 at LINE Fukuoka! Experience Cutting-Edge Technology - Fly a Drone with Clova, Join a Stamp-Collecting Contest with Beacon

    LINE Family Day 2018 at LINE Fukuoka! Experience Cutting-Edge Technology - Fly a Drone with Clova, Join a Stamp-Collecting Contest with Beacon

    LINE Family Day 2018 at LINE Fukuoka! Experience Cutting-Edge Technology - Fly a Drone with Clova, Join a Stamp-Collecting Contest with Beacon サムネイル画像
    [Notice] Effective October 1, 2023, LINE Fukuoka has changed its company name to LY Communications. Articles published on or before September 30, 2023 were written with our former company name.
    Family Day is an event for relaying the company's gratitude to the loved ones of our employees.

    Today, LINE Fukuoka held LINE Family Day 2018, where we welcomed about 250 participants 180808Family Day024
    We feel that the support of our employees and their family members is crucial to the growth of LINE as a company and its services. This event is held in an effort to express that sentiment, and to give our employees' loved ones an opportunity to learn about our company's atmosphere and culture while enjoying the LINE services we create here.

    Family Day is held in various LINE Group offices, including the annual event at LINE Fukuoka.
    180808Family Day020

    Opening message

    This year's Family Day event kicked off with a welcome speech from Mr. Yusuke Suzuki, the Director of LINE Fukuoka Corporation. In addition to expressing his gratitude, Mr. Suzuki told everyone about the current state of LINE Fukuoka (which celebrates its fifth anniversary this year), as well as his desire for the company to continue challenging itself moving forward.
    180808Family Day022

    Event overview

    Below you'll find information about some of the day's activities.
    180808Family Day019

    ■Chat with Clova!
    Participants who joined this activity got hands-on experience with Clova Friends.

    Clova is already a part of many households, so for those who were already used to operating the system, employees familiar with the features through work gave a demonstration of Clova skills (features) that only those in-the-know are aware of. We were impressed by two sisters who were telling their grandmother (who lives far away) about the convenience of having Clova in their home.
    180808Family Day016
    ■ Fly a drone with Clova
    LINE Fukuoka engineers developed new Clova skills for Family Day so that participants could operate a drone through Clova. Even the kids who had a hard time getting the hang of it at first enjoyed flying a drone through voice commands. 180808Family Day018
    ■Programming experience
    Our engineers take on the role of professors and teach the basics of programming to children in this session that's popular every year.  180808Family Day017■One of a kind! Handmade soap
    In this activity led by employees in our Creative Department, children created their own handmade soap. Kids were free to select their favorite colors, so the soap that they made by following the steps came out in colors that no one imagined! We think each bar of soap was a unique treasure. 180808Family Day015
    180808Family Day012
    ■Office LINE FRIENDS hunt (office stamp-collecting contest)
    Participants in our stamp-collecting contest went around LINE Fukuoka’s work areas and gathered three stamps.
    180808Family Day010
    During the contest, employees also invited family members to the desks that they work at and introduced them to their coworkers.
    180808Family Day001
    This year, there was one more surprise in the contest. On the stamp cards, there was a message telling participants to find the password to go to a "Secret Room" to meet LINE characters.
    180808Family Day023
    Children who searched the office and found the password through LINE Beacon were able to find the Secret Room and go inside.

    The Secret Room was a photo booth that took their picture when they spoke to Clova Friends. Photos could be downloaded and delivered on the spot by scanning a QR code.
    180808Family Day025 180808Family Day003
    180808Family Day004
    In our other activities as well, the office was full of a variety of expressions, from serious faces to happy smiles.

    LINE LIVE game streaming experience 180808Family Day008
    Children became cafe staff members and served drinks 180808Family Day014
    180808Family Day013
    There were also beach blanket art and newspaper play areas for smaller children to enjoy 180808Family Day002
    Family photo with Brown and Cony 180808Family Day007
    At the end of the day family members received a souvenir before being seen out. We can't wait for the next Family Day! 180808Family Day006

    LINE Fukuoka is a company that continues to take on new challenges. We believe the support of our employees and their family members is the key factor that allows us to continue to challenge ourselves as we grow in number and in the functions that we carry out.

    Today's LINE Family Day was planned by LINE Fukuoka employees, and we welcomed our loved ones into the office to relay our gratitude to them. We sincerely hope that everyone enjoyed the event while learning about where their family members work, the colleagues they work with, and the services they're involved in each day.

    Moving forward, LINE Fukuoka will continue to pursue its mission of bringing people, information, and services closer together through the support of our employees and their loved ones.

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